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Fire To Fork and The Small Kitchen Cook are the ultimate guides to cooking awesome meals when your kitchen moves and you don’t really like eating inside anyway. Buy them together and save $15!

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Fire To Fork and The Small Kitchen Cook are two of Australia’s best cookbooks for people who love good food, but prefer cooking it far from home. Together, there’s everything you need to know, and every bit of inspiration you could ask for to cook awesome meals on an open fire or in your small travelling kitchen.

In Fire To Fork, WA-based Harry Fisher’s passion is the Aussie bush and great food. He’s made it his mission to prove that camp cooking doesn’t have to be dull cooking. His first cookbook combines everything he knows about cooking over an open flame with over 60 of his favourite bush recipes, desserts and cocktails. If you like campfires, unreal camping and great food, this book will transform how and what you eat when travelling.

In The Small Kitchen Cook, Victorian-based Ashleigh Butler’s passion is for travel, wholesome food and sharing it with friends. She’s spent over a decade living and travelling in campervans across Australia, New Zealand and the US, learning from and sharing with the travelling community, simple, delicious food that’s better in small kitchens than big ones. However you travel, if you love good food cooked well, this book will inspire you pantry for a long time to come.

Combined, these two books are the ultimate travelling cook’s reference guide. Not just what to cook, but how and why you can make all your meals on the road better. Order together to save money and native, biodiverse Australian forests.

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1 review for Travel Cook Double Pack

  1. Virginia Jones (verified owner)

    I absolutely love both FIRE TO FORK and THE SMALL KITCHEN COOK BOOK although the latter holds a substantial edge since I have always cooked in small kitchens/galleys and at sea on sail boats. These cookbooks are beautifully produced and are full of invaluable information as well as fabulous recipes, great photos and all sorts of useful tips. Virginia Jones, Massachusetts, USA

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