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Western Australia is big chunk of Australia, and to really explore it properly, you’ll need a big map. Imagine how good you’ll feel folding this out on your bonnet at the fork of a road, deciding where to go next. And how popular you’ll be showing off all the drawn in roads you travelled to your friends. Maps, how good are they!

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Western Australia contains some of the most remote, exciting and unbelievable locations in the world. Bigger than most countries but with the population of a small city, there’s room to spread out in this wild frontier. Make the most of your travels along the sunset shores and wild outback plains as with this detailed map of the state. See, at a glance, distances, fuel stops, campsites, points of interest and places to go. Mark out the roads you’ve travelled with a Sharpie and scribble notes about your best places as you go, while travelling without the distraction of technology to dilute the experiences and memories.

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