The blue lagoon and rock pools of Coconut Well, Broome

Until now, Coconut Well has been a well-kept local secret. This small beachside community is home to a turquoise tidal lagoon and hundreds of bathtub-sized rockpools. Check tides before you come as the lagoon fills on a 9+ metre tide.

Coconut Well rock pool Broome
Enjoy your own private spa pool.

Coconut Well, a small community north of Broome

Coconut Well is known as Goolarabooloo Millibinyarri to local indigenous peoples, Coconut Well is a small community of beachside, off-grid homes just north of Broome. Here you will find mango plantations, deserted beaches and the star of the show – the turquoise tidal lagoon.

The name ‘Coconut Well’ is also sometimes (incorrectly) pluralised Coconut ‘Wells’. No matter what you call it, one thing’s for sure – this spot is heaven on earth!

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The lagoon

During spring tides, water spills through a gap in the sand dunes, creating a picturesque, turquoise lagoon. Note – check tide charts before coming and be sure to be here for high tide. It needs to be around 9+ metres for the lagoon to fill up. Otherwise, you’ll just see a large sandy area with no water!

The rock pools / natural aquariums

Walking out onto the beach in front of the lagoon area, you’ll see a rocky limestone outcrop on the beach which is exposed at low tide. Beware – it’s sharp, so wear shoes or just tread carefully! Here, you’ll discover hundreds of tiny rockpools, some of them just big enough to swim in. They are like tiny aquariums, trapping fish and other marine life until the tide turns.

Coconut Well Kimberley Australia
A tiny, natural spabath. Pic by Melissa Connell
Coconut Well Kimberley Australia
The parking area at Coconut Well. Pic by Scott Connell

How to get to Coconut Well

Turn west off Cape Leveque Road onto McGuigan Road, which becomes Lawrence Road, then turn left onto Denham Road and find somewhere to park at the end. Note that the suburb may appear as Waterbank on your map. Alternatively, you can beach drive all the way from Cable Beach on the low tide.

Map Coconut Well

Nearby accommodation

Stay for a few nights in one of the glamping eco-tents at local man (and my friend) Tao’s place Sol Bnb – click here for Airbnb and here for insta. Tao also rents out his home click here. Alternatively, check out Coconutz Bed & Breakfast.

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  1. Went to have a look but turned around at the sign that said DO NOT ENTER! Local residents and services only. So, a great plan with poor execution! 😢

    1. G’day Helen, sorry to hear about your unsuccessful adventure. I dropped a line to my friend who has a home in Coconut Well this morning and I asked him about the sign. He said, ‘That sounds odd. From my understanding the road to the lagoon/beach is a gazetted public shire maintained road.
      Did they go down the correct road? I know there has also been road work or maintenance in the area so that most likely why it was closed for services and residents’. Cheers and hope you have more luck next time.

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