8 Super Simple Camping Recipes That’ll Blow Your Mind

Whether you are a first-time camper or someone who’s more comfortable on a roll-out mattress than in your bed at home, camp cooking can be both daunting and exciting. Camping recipes can easily become boring or predictable, or outright failures if you forgot to buy that one important ingredient you need, but the shops are way (waaaaaaaaaaay) too far away. Along with our authors, like camp cook Harry Fisher of Fire To Fork fame, we’ve collated some simple-but-delicious camping recipes that’ll make your camping food better than food at home. All these recipes, and hundreds more, are from our awesome range of camp cookbooks. Check them out here.

This pancake recipe from The Small Kitchen Cook is just what the family ordered on the first morning of camping to make it feel like camping. Simple, delicious and the kids can help cook.
This awesome recipe for Japanese chicken skewers is a lot of kids’ favourite camping meal. Check out the video and see how easy it is to make.
If you manage to relax enough to throw a line in, this awesome Fijian version of ceviche is perfect for so many types of firm-fleshed, white fish. Plucked from The Hunter & The Gatherer, this camping-friendly recipe will change your perspective of raw fish forever.
If raw fish isn’t your idea of a great meal, tacos certainly must be. Ash Butler’s recipe from The Small Kitchen Cook for simple fish tacos is so good it’ll become a staple at home, not just when you’re eating at camp.
This is the ultimate camping recipe, especially when you’re allowed to cook over a campfire. Plucked straight from our bestselling camping cookbook, Fire To Fork, this recipes is so simple you’ll cook it everytime you go camping.
Talk about simple recipes – this one is inspired by the world’s largest burger chain, but uses better ingredients and tastes so much better flame grilled. If you love it, there are more variations in Harry Fisher’s camping cookbook.
Pesto goes with everything – pasta, pizza, steak, sandwiches, cheese and biscuits. Whip this up with the simplest of ingredients.
Camping food isn’t all just about the food. Sometimes we’ve got to celebrate, and this camping cocktail from Fire To Fork will hit the spot.

Love camping cooking? Check out our awesome range of camping cookbooks in our store.

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  1. Awesome recipes, were always looking for something new to cook or grill for the family. Steak and mushroom sauce looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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