New Zealand by Caravan

Have you met Kirianna Poole, one of our fantastic authors? At the same time we were finalising her first book (a collection of recipes camping and caravanning recipes called The Slow Road Cookbook), she and her family shipped their 1962 Kombi van and vintage Franklin caravan from Australia to New Zealand after 5 years of traveling together. They want to immerse their children in the rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, while also exploring local ingredients to create delicious meals that are in Kiri’s cookbook. Along the way, they want to share their slow, purposeful life on the road, connect with nature, and foster their children’s curiosity and appreciation for different cultures.

The journey began 5 years ago with an old Kombi van and a burning desire to live a simple and purposeful life. They aim to provide their children with a healthy lifestyle outdoors and educate them on different cultures. The family cherishes the fleeting moments and wishes for time to slow down and enjoy them.

The family embraces the concept of “SLOW” – Seasonal, Local, Organic, and Whole – in their approach to travel and food. They make an effort to source local and organic produce, supporting small farms and businesses. In New Zealand, the family finds comfort and healing, and they want to instill the importance of mindful living and caring for the land in their children.

Kirianna finds joy in feeding people and expressing herself through the creation of delicious meals. Cooking is her love language, and it serves as a meditation and a way to connect with others. Food is an integral part of the family’s journey, with the mother’s cookbook encompassing their travel experiences and culinary adventures.

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