100 Things To See In The Kimberley: Second Edition

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Now in its updated, second edition, 100 Things To See In The Kimberley, by local tour guide Scotty Connell, is a bucketlist of over 100 of the best things to see and do across the Kimberley. Scotty shares his favourite waterholes, campsites, cafes, Indigenous experiences and more, so you can experience this region like a local.

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Now in its updated, second edition, 100 Things To See In The Kimberley, by local guide Scotty Connell, is the culmination of a life spent exploring Australia’s wild and remote northwest. Scotty grew up in the Kimberley and has made it his mission to discover the region via air, land and sea.

In that pursuit, Scotty’s led elite Nepalese Gurkhas on Wet Season training missions; he’s hiked into some of the Kimberley’s most remote waterfalls and he’s hosted celebrities looking for unique Aussie experiences. All because he loves showing intrepid visitors why his backyard is the best backyard on earth.

Inside, you’ll find 100 (plus a few more) of the best things to see and do across the Kimberley, according to a local. Scotty shares his favourite attractions, campsites and places to eat, so you can cool off in tropical waterholes, enjoy genuine Indigenous cultural experiences and explore incredible natural wonders found nowhere else on earth.

A5 in size, it’s designed to fit in a backpack or a glove box, rather than be left on a coffee table.

Softcover | April 15, 2023 | 228 Pages | ISBN 978-0-6455226-4-8

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17 reviews for 100 Things To See In The Kimberley: Second Edition

  1. Barry Lewthwaite

    I am about to travel to the Kimberly region for a holiday, and I live in North Queensland, the package of 3 books provided me with locations to travel to locally, and also gave me great insight into what to do in the Kimberly.  When I ordered these books, they were in my mail box the same week, which I found to be fantastic customer service.  Thank you.

  2. Freshwater Apartments

    Scotty’s book flies off the shelf in the busy season. Lots of people interested, they’ve even tried running off with our office copy!

  3. A. Le Viellez

    I used the Kimberley 100 on trip this year and it was a fantastic guide to some spits I would not have known to visit.

  4. Bruce C

    Great book with easy to follow guide through the Kimberley.
    Very informative and inspiring- made me want to go to the places, and they are even better when you get there!

  5. Patrick Totty

    I used to tell my late wife that I grew up thinking Canadians were us Yanks’ half siblings. But after becoming enchanted years ago with Australia, despite my 12,000 kilometer distance from it, I had to change the equation: The Canadians are our first cousins; you guys are our half brothers/half sisters. I cannot think of another place on earth I would rather live than Australia if I somehow were driven from my beloved homeland.

    One of the things that has endeared your land to me is photos and books about Australia, especially the Outback. “100 Things to See in the Kimberley,” which I received from you only a short time ago, has quickly become one of the highlights of my day. I journey through the day doing the necessary things—eating, cleaning, shopping, paying the bills, tending the yard, and such. But day’s end is when I get to sit down, and slowly savoring every page, read my way through Scotty Connell’s marvelous guide to Western Australia’s great north. You should see how gently, even reverently, I hold that book.

    So, I offer much gratitude and affection from one of your distant half brothers. You do what you do marvelously well. I wish you all godspeed and end with the warning that my name and email address must never, ever, ever, ever be stricken from your mailing list.

    Patrick Totty
    San Francisco

  6. Alison M

    We’d planned on heading to the Kimberley later this year, and hope we still can. Got so many ideas from this book so far.

  7. E.W. Geschiere, Netherlands

    We liked the book very much. We will now buy the new Queensland book. We have been in the Kimberley twice. In 2019 and in 2017. I think it is the most beautiful part of Australie.

  8. Eirlys Mai Roberts

    Loved this book found it useful on our 2019 trip up there

  9. Kristin Donohue

    I bought the e-book and pretty much based our whole trip off some of the places that you recommended.

  10. John & Linda Clemones

    Love you book on the Kimberley & intend to get the new release. I only recently dropped my subs to Roam, only because I have other subscriptions to boating mags & am trying to reduce some expenses in retirement……..happy caravanners too. Keep up the great work.

    Cheers, John & Linda Clemones, Sunshine Coast.

  11. DJ Tigerlily

    The 100 Things to See in the Kimberley book is an incredible resource to start your Kimberley trip with – it can help you plan your adventure and give you a bunch of inspiration with what to see!

  12. Andreas

    Its been a little time since I received this beautiful book. It is really a fantastic one for me, so much memorys from my tours came up and I hope to visit the region again. Too bad that the road to Cape Leveque will be turned in a asphalt one. I saw the different after this work on the road to Cape York. Well, congratulation on the great booklet!

  13. Maria B

    This book is great and has inspired me to start a Kimberley adventure next May.

  14. Max and Faye

    If you’re headed for Australia’s north-west or you’re crossing the Gibb, then the 100 Things to See in The Kimberleys book really is a game changer. We didn’t know half the places even existed.

  15. Andree Burton

    I have thousands of pics of the Kimberley but I bought this book to have on the coffee table. It’s great!

  16. Amanda

    This books is better than amazing, helpful in more ways then one!
    I couldn’t be more happier with my purchase. As well as the most
    amazing customer service I’ve ever come across, an amazing business
    that I’ll definitely continue to support 😊

    If your looking for great tips and places for future travels, or plans to travel
    to see the beautiful Kimberly’s, this book is for you. Nothing to fault, has every
    bit of information you need, all the way done to: Best months to visits, what to pack
    Camping site fees, as well as the heartfelt paragraphs that the amazing Kimberly’s has to offer.
    And trust me you’ll read about places that you didn’t even know existed.
    Big 12/10 guys! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

    Best of Luck,

  17. Dusty

    There are few guides as concise and as honest as Scotty’s 100 Things To See In The Kimberley. I’ve been visiting the region for over a decade, and even I learnt more than a few things when I got my hands on a copy. You shouldn’t visit the Kimberley without it.

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