Campfire Cocktails – The Rhonda

I came up with this drink on the first filming trip I did with my mate Ronny Dahl in May 2017. It was the product of exhaustion and stress (not ideal, I know, but hear me out).

We had been on the road for about a week, getting up at 6.30am and turning the cameras off  around midnight. We were exhausted, and it was starting to show in our decision making and how we were getting along with each other. I was also dreading cooking dinner each night because I was so knackered. I just wanted to eat some beef jerky and hit the hay.

So, one night we pulled into camp, and I decided to make a round of drinks that would not only perk everyone up but would also taste good (you can keep your vodka Red Bulls).

The drink gets its name from the transformation we saw in everyone, but in particular Ronny – he went from being flat as a pancake to the life of the camp. We decided that Ronny Dahl had left the building and Rhonda Darling (his merrier alter-ego) had arrived.

These days, The Rhonda is perfect after a fishing trip when I’m exhausted from spending all day in the sun and washing the boat and really can’t be bothered filleting my catch, let alone cooking it. So, I make some Rhondas, everyone perks up, and it generally leads to a good, fun cook-up around the fire all night.

This is an edited excerpt from, Fire To Fork: Adventure Cooking, by Harry Fisher, aka @firetofork.

50ml of spiced rum
50ml of cold brew coffee 
150ml of ginger beer
Ice (optional)

The Rhonda is similar to a Dark ‘N Stormy (which is, officially, Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and ginger beer, fyi), but you’ll be surprised at what cold brew coffee adds to this drink. If you can’t make cold brew coffee, you can buy pretty good quality stuff in bottles in supermarkets, or a regular shot of coffee will work. Having spent so much time in Broome, I prefer mine with local brewer, Matso’s alcoholic Ginger Beer, too. 

Mix all three ingredients and serve with as much ice as you’ve got.

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