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Fire To Fork: Adventure Cooking

Harry Fisher

From the pindan red beaches of the Kimberley’s west coast to the karri forests of southern Western Australia, Harry Fisher has cemented his reputation with a pair of tongs (actually, we’ve never seen him use tongs…) around the campfire. Combining his passion for the Aussie bush and great food, he’s made it his mission to prove that camp cooking doesn’t have to be dull cooking.

Harry’s campfire cooking and distinct approach to recipe creation are encapsulated by his personal brand – Fire to Fork. His meals are simple enough for any enthusiastic bush cook to prepare, but his focus on fewer but higher quality ingredients, and techniques he’s learned from his mother, a chef, sets him apart in the camp cooking world. Fire to Fork has amassed millions of views on YouTube and tens of thousands of followers across the globe. As a result, Harry is the most popular authority on bush cooking, not just in Australia, but everywhere good food and campfires are combined.

His first cookbook, Fire To Fork – Adventure Cooking combines everything he knows about cooking over an open flame with over 60 of his favourite bush recipes, desserts and cocktails. If you like campfires, unreal camping and great food, this book will transform how and what you eat when travelling.

$39.95 | Flexible hardcover | August 1, 2021 | 200 Pages printed on FSC-certified paper | ISBN 978-0-6484646-3-1

100 Things To See In The Kimberley

Scotty Connell

100 Things to See in the Kimberley is the culmination of a life spent exploring the Australia’s remote north-west. Written by Kununurra local and award-winning tour guide, Scotty Connell, the 180-page ‘bucketlist’ book takes readers to some of Scotty’s favourite places across the Kimberley, from stunning, fern-lined pools, to incredible waterfalls and through wonders found nowhere else on Earth.

Unlike many guides, this one was written by a local who spends nearly every day searching out its secrets. Each page has space for the reader to make their own notes; each of the places are mapped out in the front and all are included in the order you’ll come across them if you begin an adventure in Broome.

A5 in size, it’s designed to fit in a backpack or a glove box, rather than be left on a coffee table.

$29.95 | Softcover | March 25, 2019 | 180 Pages | ISBN 978-0-6484646-0-0

100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland

Catherine Lawson and David Bristow

100 Things to See in Tropical North Queensland is the only guide for travellers who aren’t tourists that covers the best of the far north and Great Barrier Reef, written by people who live there. This remarkable part of Australia is home to the oldest rainforest on earth, the world’s largest living organism and three world heritage sites, and that’s just the beginning.

In this guide, author and travel journalist Catherine Lawson, along with partner and photographer, David Bristow, take anyone wanting to explore Tropical North Queensland like a local into the places off the regular tourist trails. Both have spent more than 20 years travelling their backyard by foot, 4WD, train, bike and even in their sailing yacht, Storyteller.

100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland showcases 100 of the best things to see when people travel to the Great Barrier ReefCairnsPort Douglas, the Daintreethe Cassowary CoastAtherton TablelandsCape York and The Gulf Country (plus a few more the authors snuck in). It’s a guide about what to do and where to go, rather than where to sleep or who serves the hippest cocktails.

Inside, you’ll find 100 of the best places and things to see and do at the top of Queensland – from dream-like swimming holes to undisturbed rock-art galleries and outback adventures you’ll never forget.

$29.95 | Softcover | April 15, 2020 | 196 Pages | ISBN 978-0-6484646-2-4

100 Things To See On Australia’s Coral Coast

100 Things To See On Australia’s Coral Coast is the only guide to the astonishing coastline north of Perth all the way to Exmouth, with detailed chapters on Karijini National Park and the Pilbara.

This indispensable book is created for travellers who aren’t tourists with a focus on the local favourites, natural wonders, and out-of-the-way delights. Along the way, explore the best things to see, from stunning wildflower meadows to walk-off-the-beach coral reefs. Swim with whale sharks and manta rays or find and eat local produce while getting insider knowledge into the best places to stay, eat, sleep and shop along the way.

Discover this desert-meets-sea destination like a local whether you’re camping, glamping, touring or holidaying this underrated part of Western Australia.

$29.95 | A5 Softcover | October 1, 2021 | 228 pages | ISBN 978-0-6484646-55

Johnny James and Other Verses

Dave Morrell

Since moving to a remote cattle station in Western Australia’s far north-west as a young child, the red dirt of the Kimberley has coloured Dave Morrell’s blood and filled his life with adventure. This collection of his bush poetry and memoirs portrays a raw and untold history of his home.

Often with humour and sometimes full of emotion, Dave combines his own recollections of life in the outback with stories of white colonisation, Aboriginal displacement and tight-knit community bonds. Through poetry and prose, Dave shines light on the immeasurable good of this remote community, as well as the darkness that lurks, often unspoken, on the edges of its history.

These are stories of the real Kimberley, by the Broome vet Dave Morrell.


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