Johnny James and Other Verses

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Dave Morrell grew up on cattle stations in the Kimberley before becoming Broome’s only vet. The Kimberley and its wild frontier is as much part of Dave as he is of it. This high quality, 208-page coffee-table book of stories and poetry is the perfect memento for those who love the normally-untold histories of Australia’s remote regions.

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Since moving to a remote cattle station in Western Australia’s far north-west as a young child, the red dirt of the Kimberley has coloured Dave Morrell’s blood and filled his life with adventure. This collection of his bush poetry and memoirs portrays a raw and untold history of his home.

Often with humour and sometimes full of emotion, Dave combines his own recollections of life in the outback with stories of white colonisation, Aboriginal displacement and tight-knit community bonds. Through poetry and prose, Dave shines light on the immeasurable good of this remote community, as well as the darkness that lurks, often unspoken, on the edges of its history.

These are stories of the real Kimberley, by the Broome vet Dave Morrell.

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1 review for Johnny James and Other Verses

  1. Michael C

    Wow, just got my copy and I am blown away by Dave’s storytelling. And the poem Walmajarrie Jimmy broke my heart. What a great piece of Kimberley history.

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