Slow Photography: At the markets in Burma with Ester Keate

There are two types of market place in Burma, the permanent market and the Sunday market. The Sunday market is more than just a place to buy and sell goods, it is the centre of social life to many people in Burma. It is where friends and families who live in different villages meet, where people are paid their weekly wage and where new friendships and relationships are formed. I thought it would it would be interesting to photograph the people who work at these hubs of life; the market traders

Ester Keate

About the photographer

Ester Keate is a Swedish-British photographer born and raised in London. She enjoys nothing more than photographing people whether that is at home, in the studio or while exploring some far flung corner of the earth. As long as she has a camera and someone to point it at she is happy.

Check out more of Ester’s work here: Website  Instagram

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