Free High Res Map Downloads of TNQ

Tropical North Queensland is both wild and remote, and wonderfully rich. It covers a phenomenal area, and even if you make it to Cairns, there’s sill over 1000km until you reach the top. The great news is, you can download free, high resolution maps of Cape York, Cairns and the Outback to use as you need. Make the most of these free far north Queensland map downloads below, to help you plan an adventure through the north.

Geosciences Australia has recently made all of its maps available as free downloads. Geosciences Australia has produced a wide range of maps covering all of Australia in a range of scales.

Free Detailed TNQ Map Downloads

For a free download of all the maps of the Tropical North Queensland and Cape York in 1:1,000,000 scale (less detailed) – click here.

For are free download of all the maps of the Far North Queensland in 1:250,000 scale (somewhat detailed) – click here.

For free downloads of all the maps surrounding Cairns, and maps of Cape York and Savannah Way in 1:100,000 scale (quite detailed) – click here.

For free downloads of all the maps of the TNQ in 1:50,000 scale (very detailed), click here.

For each, you’ll be directed to a map of Australia, from which you can choose a region and download the relevant maps. Some a quite detailed (the 1:50,000 scale maps are each roughly 300mb). You can click on the search icon in the corner of the main map and search for an address to locate the map you are after.

Want a real map made out of paper?

Want to explore TNQ like a local? Order a copy of 100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland, the guide written by locals for travellers who aren’t tourists.

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