We’re finalists for Excellence in Sustainability at the Business Awards

As book publishers, we are exceptionally aware of the impact our small business has on the environment. Already we’ve eliminated single-use plastic from our shipping processes, and we’ve committed to only using Forest Stewardship Council approved paper in all of our books. But there’s still more we can do.

For every book, whether sold locally in Australia or when we sell books in America, we’ve committed to planting one tree in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. To read more about our commitment to plant biodiverse, native forests read here.

Photo above and below courtesy Eden Reforestation Projects

We’re so stoked to have been chosen as finalists for ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ in the 2022 NSW Northern Rivers Business Awards.

In addition to the above tree planting, between December 1, 2021 and November 2022 we partnered with not-for-profit Australian organisation, Greenfleet, to help plant native, biodiverse forests in Australia. For every single book we produced, we committed to removing at least 25kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. For some perspective, that’s, on average, about 10 times the amount of CO2 emitted in the production of one copy of one of our books.

Our commitment is for our business and products to give back more to the environment than we take from it. So, whenever you pick up one of our books, be that from a bookstore, one of our retail partners or here on our website, know that you’ve contributed to a solution, and you’ve helped plant and sustain native, biodiverse forests in Australia.

Photo courtesy Eden Reforestation Projects

If you want to do more and help plant in Australia, you can offset even more of your own emissions using Greenfleet’s personal offset packages. Find out more.

If you want to do more and help reforest other parts of the world, we recommend Eden Reforestation Projects, who run projects all over the planet. Find out more.

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