100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland

Tropical North Queensland is like no other part of Australia, heck, even the world. It contains three of Queensland’s five World Heritage Areas, one of them the oldest rainforest in the world, another the largest living organism on the planet. TNQ is so diverse, one day you can visit a tropical island paradise, another, explore ancient Indigenous art galleries that date back 13,000 years. You could even trek to the northernmost point of mainland Australia. It’s the sort of place where local knowledge is the best knowledge.

100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland shares the best of the far north, as explored by two locals who’ve spent more than two decades exploring it by foot, 4WD, bike and boat. Author and journalist, Catherine Lawson, along with photojournalist David Bristow, have called TNQ home for over 20 years, and their guide captures the diversity, wonder and adventure of their ‘backyard’. They’ve set out to share the best bits, secret spots and off-the-beaten-track gems that aren’t on the usual tourist trails. 

100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland showcases 100 of the best things to see when people travel to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Port Douglas, the Daintree, the Cassowary Coast, Atherton Tablelands, Cape York and The Gulf Country (plus a few more the authors snuck in). It’s a guide about what to do and where to go, rather than where to sleep or who serves the hippest cocktails.

A5 in size and 196 pages long, it’s stuffed full of local secrets, but fits in a glove box or a backpack, rather than just on a coffee table. Lawson says, “I hope people find the little patches of gold in 100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland, and then go and discover and expand their idea of what it’s like to travel in TNQ.”

100 Things to See In Tropical North Queensland builds on the library of 100 Things To See guides by Exploring Eden Media. Travellers venturing into the north-western corner of Australia can also explore like a local using 100 Things To See In The Kimberley, by local guide Scotty Connell. Building on a lifetime exploring his wild backyard, Scotty takes readers to his 100 favourite places.  

100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland is available in all good bookstores, or from tourist hubs in Tropical North Queensland.

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